Month: October 2010

After a quarter of a century at the head of Toll Holdings, Paul Little and the board have confirmed they are commencing an orderly succession to a new managing director. It is anticipated that this transition will be completed around January 2012.

Paul Little has agreed to return to Toll as a non-executive director after “an appropriate period”, which has not as yet been determined.

Our annual review of cost changes has been completed and in accordance with our agreement all special quoted rates are due for adjustment.

During the past year our wages and salaries costs have increased by 4.00%. The majority of this increase arises from EBA’s concluded prior to the Global Financial Crisis. The price of trucks, forklifts, motor vehicles and depot equipment has increased by an average of 4.92%. Other expenses, particularly industry compliance costs, property on-costs and insurances, have increased by an average of 5.78%. Based on the respective percentage of outgoings for each of the above items excluding fuel, we advise a 3.9% increase to all special quoted rates effective from the billing week inclusive of 1 November 2010. These rates will be held firm for a further twelve months subject to any unexpected extraordinary cost increases which may occur. (more…)

We have been advised that freight volumes from Frankfurt are exceeding pre-crisis levels and are up to 20% above the same period in 2009. These volume increases, coupled with a lack of additional capacity and the Q4 (4th quarter) peak season almost upon us, all major Carriers ex Germany have announced increases to their air freight rates.

Recent announcements by Carriers servicing the Australian markets will have an impact with an increase in airfreight rates into Australia shortly. We will monitor the changes and advise when possible.

Source: DHL Global

Entry Transaction Fees will be increasing effective 1st October 2010 in line with the increase in GST from 12.5% to 15%, which comes into effect on the same day. The increased fees will apply to entries lodged with Customs on and after 1st October 2010.

An Import Entry Transaction Fee of NZD 25.30 (incl. GST) is payable on:

  • Every import entry and voluntary entry lodged with Customs.
  • Every simplified import entry for goods with a value of less than NZD 1,000 where the goods are imported on the same craft by a single importer.
  • Every temporary import entry where security is paid in accordance with section 116(1) of the Customs and Excise Act 1996.

The Biosecurity Systems Entry Levy (BSEL) of NZD12.77 (incl. GST) is collected by Customs on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Biosecurity New Zealand (MAFBNZ) and this fee is added to the Import Entry Transaction Fee to make a total of NZD 38.07.

An Export Entry Transaction Fee is charged on every export entry lodged with Customs, including export entries for drawback. The fee is NZD 10.22 (incl. GST) when the entry is for goods being exported under a Customs-approved Secure Export Scheme under section 53C of the Customs and Excise Act 1996, and NZD 14.56 (incl. GST) for other goods. Accounts for export entry transaction fees are sent monthly.

Source: DHL Global