Month: January 2011

Australian Industry has demonstrated outstanding support for those individuals and businesses affected by the floods that had devastated large tracts of Queensland.

All roads are now open and operations are running, however, we find ourselves in a situation as unexpected as the flooding. The sheer volume of products being moved North is creating huge cost imposts on the transport industry as a whole. We are keen to support the replenishment of goods into Queensland, and need your support to achieve this goal. (more…)

You will all be aware of the terrible circumstances in Central Queensland with the flood crisis that has evolved over the past week or so. Undoubtedly you join me in extending your thoughts and best wishes to the residents of those regions that have experienced the worst of the impact. I thought it was important to communicate with you about how our deliveries have been affected, and outline the steps we are currently taking to ensure services are provided to the devastated areas. (more…)