Cancellation of Flights Caused by Iceland’s Volcanic Eruption – Update

April 23, 2010 Edward

Please find a further update to the Volcanic Eruption notice from our notification on Thursday 22nd April, 2010 affecting European airspace.

Today European Air Traffic Control expects that air traffic will be at normal levels (between 28,000 and 29,000 flights). A small number of cancellations can be expected due to some limited restrictions and the logistical problems of airlines resuming their regular schedules.

Czech Republic: Situation back to normal across the whole Czech airspace – no restrictions.

Finland: Helsinki Airport has been opened for air traffic. According to the current forecast, it is possible to keep the airport open until tomorrow evening. In addition to Helsinki Airport, also Helsinki-Malmi, Lappeenranta, Utti and Kauhava airports have been opened. There are still restrictions for flight traffic at Kuusamo and Kajaani airports.

Norway: Bergen and Stavanger airport (West-Norway) is now closed. All other customs airports open. Domestic flight is more or less as normal, and global flights are slowly starting up. There are still limitations when it comes to booking, backlogs will go first then priority products.

Sweden: Parts of the Swedish airspace is open. The airspace over for instance Arlanda, Bromma, Skavsta and Gothenburg is open. The airspace above Malmo is closed yet again. The airspace above coastal area between Sundsvall and Skelleftea is also closed. It is however, possible to fly over this area.

In addition to the above, some carriers such as Cathay Pacific have imposed an embargo on all European destinations until the 26th April to allow them to clear their backlogs, some others are accepting new bookings but only at higher Express/Market rates.

Source: DHL Global