Cancellation of Flights Caused by Iceland’s Volcanic Eruption – Update

April 22, 2010 Edward

Please find a further update to the Volcanic Eruption affecting European airspace.

European Air Traffic Control has continued to lift air travel bans imposed after much of Europe’s airspace was closed because of the spread of volcanic ash. The latest update received overnight states that 75% of the total number of flights are expected to take place in Europe today. At the current time, all European airspace is available above 20,000 feet.

Almost all of European airspace below 20,000 feet is available with air traffic control services returning to normal. Although restrictions are still in force in some areas including southern Sweden and Helsinki (Finland). It is anticipated that these restrictions will gradually be lifted throughout the day.

Belgium: Airspace fully open. Operations are gradually resuming. Some airlines are accepting cargo as from tomorrow. Airlines however are prioritising on clearing backlog cargo.

Denmark: Danish airspace is officially open.

Finland: Air traffic suspended again in Southern Finland. Helsinki Airport, Helsinki-Malmi, Lappeenranta, Turku and Utti air traffic restrictions have come into effect at 15:00 (local Finnish time). Air traffic control services are closed until further notice, at least until 21:00 (local Finnish Time). In addition to these, Mariehamn airport is closed until 21:00 (local Finnish time). According to the current forecast, Tampere-Pirkkala and Pori airports will be closed at 21:00 (local Finnish time).

France: Airports are reopening.

Germany: LH has commenced operating intra-European and domestic services and we expect airlines will re-commence long-haul flights.

Ireland: Republic of: Irish airspace and airports are open. The airlines may, however, take a number of days to achieve full operations.

Italy: MXP Airport Milan, has reopened. Rome airport continues to operate as normal.

Norway: All airports are now open. Domestic flights are more or less as normal, and global flights are slowly starting up. There are still limitations when it comes to booking, backlog will go first then Priority products.

Sweden: Swedish airspace is open. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo are slowly returning to normal.

United Kingdom: The U.K skies are now open. Managing the backlog of both export and import airfreight is the priority and “business as usual” is not expected to resume in the short term.

Some carriers are re-booking cargo and anticipate backlogs to be cleared in a matter of days, whilst others expect it to take longer. Unfortunately there is no overall timescale across all carriers.

Source: DHL Global