Cancellation of flights due to Iceland’s volcanic eruption (Update)

April 21, 2010 Edward

We had hoped for some better news today as yesterdays reports showed a weakening of the ash cloud and the reporting of some localised flights beginning to move out. However, the new eruption has now put more ash into the air and we are in for round two.

You may have heard of airports re-opening and flights moving, however this is for some local flights only and are operating against the suggested ‘no fly zone’ set by Eurocontrol. Whilst plenty of airport’s are open, many are operating on severely limited air traffic control. International carriers still on a broad basis cannot get planes into Europe, some airports are open but simply surrounded by closed airspace.

We are exploring alternatives for moving cargo however at this stage they are extremely thin to nil existence. Some cargo is moving via Spain and Greece, though this is mainly perishables, mail and express cargo.

General cargo is currently not being routed via these ports as a viable alternative. The best option for our cargo on the ground, that is built up into units, is to wait for a restriction in that area to lift so we can move out.

Once the skies re-open the priority for most carriers will be perishables, express and mail so general cargo bookings may have to wait a further week or two. In this time the market rate will be expected to skyrocket.

We will advise of any further updates in due course.

Source: Rohlig Logistics