Christchurch Quake Update

February 24, 2011 Edward

Lyttelton Port of Christchurch released the below at 1800 last night (23rd February)

“An assessment of container assets is that wharves have held up well, but there are urgent minor works to be done. We are aiming to have limited operations available within 3-4 days. Our current best estimate to get back to our previous operation service levels prior to the 6.3 quake is in 10 days. .
We regret to advise that receival and delivery is currently suspended but expect to be operational within 24 hours.”

Road Transport – The Lyttelton tunnel is still closed (except for emergency vehicles) so access to the port will still be very limited at best.  At this stage our road transport carriers are hoping to be partially operational on Monday 28th.  Please note that the expected backlog at the Port along with the condition of the roads is expected to increase turnaround times.

Rail – Most lines are now open.