Inbound Rates on the Rise

September 9, 2010 Edward

Australian importers without contract protection are about to have higher sea freight rates factored into their costs.
Carriers on three major trades will now officially implement pre-announced price increases.

As of September 15, members of the Asia Australia Discussion Agreement (AADA) will be proceeding with the next stage of their published ‘Business Plan’, lifting rates for shipments from Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan by US$250 per teu and US$500 per feu.
North Asia to New Zealand rates are rising by the same quantum on the same date while in the opposite direction, September 15 sees NZ to South-East Asia and North Asia to rise by US$100 per teu.
Next Wednesday also sees the activation of the US$125 per teu/US$250 per feu increase on North America-Oceania direct services.

On South East Asia-Australia routes, lines will be continuing their ‘revenue recovery program’ by implementing a US$300 per teu increase on October 1.

Affected countries of origin includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East.
Also on October 1, ANL will implement a general rate increase for imports from Europe and the Mediterranean to Australia on the AEU-1 (NEMO) service operated by parent CMA CGM in partnership with Hapag-Lloyd.

This increase will apply on all dry and refrigerated cargo, exempt or non-exempt commodities, received and moving under an ANL bill of lading and will be US$200 per teu and US$400 per feu.

This is twice the increase announced by Hapag-Lloyd for the same route late last month.