Lufthansa Announces Freight Rates Increases ex Europe

September 1, 2010 Edward

We have received notification from Lufthansa (LH) cargo advising of a 20 per cent rate rise around the globe from the 1st October 2010.

Citing low operating margins of only 2 per cent and the dramatic downturn in 2009, LH advised the “increases are imperative and is justified to ensure the company’s future and competitive viability”. The notification also advised of a 3 euro-cents rise in security surcharges.

Whilst LH does not operate to Australia, its action of notifying all Forwarders across Europe sends a signal to other Airlines of its rate rise strategy. In addition the recent loss of Cargo Lux ‘all freighter’ flights into the Australian market is expected to add pressure on inbound European airfreight rates, heading into the traditional peak season period.

We will continue to monitor the market and we will notify customers of any changes to Air Freight pricing.

Source: DHL Global