National strategy to harness the potential of technology in the road freight industry

June 16, 2010 Edward

The widespread uptake of technology in the road freight industry could improve road safety, reduce transport costs and cut emissions according to a draft strategy released by the National Transport Commission (NTC).

The draft National In-Vehicle Telematics Strategy: The Road Freight Sector – developed in consultation with governments, industry and unions – outlines the potential of a partnership approach for the use of technology.

“Industry is already investing in technologies to improve truck fleet efficiencies, such as tracking deliveries in real time so the warehouse is ready to unload the truck as it arrives,” said NTC chief executive Nick Dimopoulos.

“A great opportunity exists to harness the potential of ‘real-time” information by encouraging the wider uptake of technology.

“By 2030 we’d like to see 90 per cent of the road freight sector voluntarily using in-vehicle technologies, with information routinely shared between supply chain parties to drive efficiencies and proactively manage fatigue, speed and overloading risks.”

The NTC believes that a national strategy will provide a clear and consistent policy for technology use and give industry the confidence they need to invest.

An over-arching set of national principles will help to better align and guide in-vehicle telematics initiatives – such as standards and regulations – with national transport policy objectives.

In-vehicle telematics encompasses the electronic monitoring and management of vehicles, their devices and their loads.

The draft strategy and supporting discussion paper have informed the NTC’s policy proposal on the use of on board mass monitoring (a type of in-vehicle telematic), which has also been released today.

A policy position paper on the use of electronic work diaries is currently being finalised.

The strategy and accompanying documents are open for public comment until 21 July 2010 and can be downloaded here.

Source: T and L News