Logistics and Supply Chain Process

Our Process

T&DC look to improve our client’s bottom line by providing innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions to better overcome logistical and supply chain challenges in their business.

We can review segments of the supply chain or the entire profile of your business requirements.

Traditionally, we have found that freight is first and this leads to other opportunities.

Your current usage is reviewed by gathering a sample of your current data profile.

T&DC then conducts an initial “no cost”, “no obligation” & “strictly confidential” benchmark review of your current logistics and supply chain strategy.

Accurate assessment of your usage, various freight types, services required, rates and the carriers currently in place – assists to provide an accurate picture to compare against potential contractors.

By utilising our cumulative aggregated purchasing in the market place, this generally leads to considerable savings for our clients.

Results T&DC has achieved are shown in the “Case Studies” section.


Greater Benefits for your Business

When individual businesses approach transport providers to quote on their work, there are a number of variables that impact the rate structure applied and there are always unknowns.

T&DC’s approach is to ensure we reduce the unknowns and make sure the transport providers have the full picture on your freight profile.

This allows for the correct rates to be provided along with the most appropriate services for your needs.

T&DC uses this accurate data process, applied against our Volume Aggregated Purchasing to enable transport providers to offer the best rates.

The best rates and services appropriate to your profile, combined with our support throughout the entire process to get the most efficient service outcomes, offers up great benefits for your business. 


Direct Supply Chain Benefits

T&DC’s process ensures you benefit by our involvement.

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You don’t lose control of your distribution or supplier relationships

You maintain total control operationally on your distribution network

You sign off on all recommendations before they are implemented

You make the final decisions – so you have the final right of veto

T&DC are not freight brokers – so as such, we do not buy and on-sell carrier rates

T&DC is not aligned to specific carriers and are completely unbiased in our recommendations

Once the carriers are in place, T&DC audit all your carrier invoices to ensure accurate charges are being applied to each and every consignment. So, no more overcharging!

Starting The Process

T&DC has a very simple process.

We gain as full an understanding of your current requirements and what you would look to improve on.

Based on data for your current usage, T&DC conducts a benchmarking review to ensure that when we report back to you, there is nothing we have missed.

If you decide to progress and appoint T&DC and progress our recommendations, we then work with you to ensure a seamless implementation.

All to this stage is at “no cost” with “no obligation” and “strictly confidential”.

Our initial analysis is a No Cost, No Obligation and Strictly Confidential review of your supply chain.

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