Victorian Department of Transport: Freight Infrastructure charge for shipping terminal precinct to be introduced

July 1, 2010 Edward

The charge will be designed to encourage and support key objectives in support of port and transport efficiency including:

  • Promoting increased use of rail transport to and from the port precinct. The charge will not apply to trucks carrying containers travelling to or from one of the rail terminals in the port or Dynon precincts.
  • Encouraging off peak use of roads accessing the Port of Melbourne to reduce peak hour congestion around the port. The charge will be differential with a higher rate in peak periods and a lower rate in shoulder and off peak periods.
  • Promoting increased use of High Performance Freight Vehicles and increased truck utilisation and two-way loading. As the charge will be applied to trucks and not containers, increased utilisation will result in lower average charges per container.
  • The funds collected by the charge will contribute to investments in vital infrastructure announced in the Victorian Transport Plan, including $18 billion in projects that will directly benefit the freight industry, such as the Truck Action Plan and WestLink.

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Source: DHL Global