Wettenhalls – Severe operational impact of floods on our northern New South Wales and Queensland transport services

January 14, 2011 Edward

As you are aware, the extreme flood situations in northern New South Wales and Queensland have created havoc for many businesses in these regions. As a business, we too are confronting road operating and access conditions in these areas that are putting our drivers and the public in potential danger.

Notwithstanding the difficult conditions, it remains our clear obligation to comply with all road regulatory and business operational requirements including, Chain of Responsibility, Driver Fatigue Management and the very Safety of our personnel and the public. You will appreciate that we are not prepared to compromise on any of these aspects.

Accordingly, we advise that until conditions improve significantly, we are suspending our general road services to northern NSW and Queensland.

We recognise that this may impact on your transport requirements to these areas in the short term and so request that should you have emergency or compelling reasons for moving your freight to these areas you contact our designated Crisis Operations Managers, Steve Biggs on 0416 197 155 or Paul Barber on 0427 747 109 to discuss your requirements. We will endeavor to do whatever we can to assist your company work through this difficult period.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Brett Amezdroz
Executive Chairman