Wettenhalls swallows up WestVic Containers

June 9, 2010 Edward

Wettenhalls has merged the Wettenhalls Group and Warrnambool’s Westvic Container Services, a merger that the company says will deliver the entire Western Region of Victoria a high efficiency, high capacity multimodal logistics network.

The Wettenhalls Group is one of Australia’s largest national providers of fully integrated ‘end to end’ logistics services. Established over 80 years ago with one truck and one customer, today it services the entire country with a national network, a large fleet, expansive warehouse capabilities and over 500 employees.

The merger will take advantage of Westvic’s rail capabilities and Wettenhalls’ national network, allowing for the full optimisation of freight rail capacity in the area, and opening up a number of coordinated and well-linked freight lines. These lines will extend through Victoria’s ports (Portland, Geelong and the Port of Melbourne), rail hubs (Warrnambool, Geelong and Melbourne), and key road corridors throughout Australia.

These new freight corridors, and the efficient and effective use of multimodal (rail and road) transport are expected deliver significant gas emission reductions. Rail, when used effectively is the most efficient form of land transport available, using just one third of the fuel required by road transport (per tonne of freight hauled).

At the same time it is also the safest, removing the public safety dangers and amenity impact caused by trucks as they pass through country towns and centres.

“With this partnership, Wettenhalls becomes a true multimodal service provider. Through the use of our new rail capability and high-efficiency vehicles, we aim to reduce truck movements throughout the Western Region of Victoria while positively contributing to the local economy,” said Matthew Blizzard, CEO Wettenhalls Group.

The company says that beyond environmental, efficiency and service level benefits, the new partnership will also economically benefit the region. With a high capacity, high efficiency logistics network in Australia’s primary produce wealth creating region (an area recognised as key for primary produce export and the ‘dairy case’ of Australia), business activity and investment will be encouraged, stimulating and promoting growth.

Source: T and L News